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    by Danielle | Sep 26, 2016
    To launch our BRAND NEW (and sure to be amazing) Mystery blog, we've looked at six weird unsolved mysteries. It’s like a whodunit we’ll never know the answer to! 

    hertz auto rental 1. The Oakville Blobs

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    In 1994 clear, jellyfish like blobs, literally rained from the sky onto a farm in Oakville in the USA. They were only the size of a grain of rice but the weirdest part is scientists found out they USED TO BE ALIVE. Yep, under a microscope they appeared to contain human white blood cells (but this was never 100% proven).
    Still to this day no one knows what caused it but theories range from the US Navy accidentally blowing up a school of jellyfish so big it rained, to an aeroplane err… getting rid of it’s ‘waste’. Some think all the locals were in on it and it’s an elaborate hoax!

    adobe photoshop album 2.     The WOW! Signal

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    Image: Wired

    In 1977 during a Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) found the mysterious Wow! Signal. The eerie radio signal was super, super strong and came from the deepest areas of space. But it only lasted 72 hours and has legit never been heard again.
    Peeps deciphered the ‘message’ and it spelt out “WOW!”. Scientists believe that the length and patterns of the signal, may point to extraterrestrial origins AKA aliens! 

    steve nash shoes chadwick of boston 3. The Voynich Manuscript

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    Image: Voynich.Nu

    Dating back to the early 15th century, the Voynich manuscript is a book with illustrations that’s handwritten in a language NO ONE has ever heard or seen before (or since!). Named after Wilfrid Voynich, who bought it to light in 1912, heaps of cryptographers (people who study communication and language) have looked at it but haven’t been able to crack the code!
    All they know (thanks to the pictures) is that the book is divided into six parts and they’re all scientific in nature, leading many to think it’s a medical book. BUT the weirdest part is all the drawings of plants don’t resemble ANY known species of trees, flowers or grass. SAY WHAT?!

    ricarica wind online 4.   Kryptos

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    Image: Wired

     Kryptos is the name of a sculpture outside the CIA headquarters (where we know all the biggest mysteries must be) that was made by artist, Jim Sanborn. The work shows four encrypted messages.
    Sounds simple right? WRONG! Only three of those codes gave ever been solved and the final one cannot be solved by anyone. Seriously, experts and random people have tried but no one knows what it says!

    stock market simulation 5. The Nazca Lines

    real estate houses  

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    We know what the pyramids were built for, but this ancient mystery has no rhyme or reason! The geoglyphs of horses, plants and made-up beings in Nazca, Peru have baffled people for centuries as they cover an incredible 450km, are HUGE (like we’re talking a few kilometres long) and only visible from the air above.
    Scientists have never figured out why or how they were created (since you couldn’t get in the air to see the whole things before planes were invented and they came WAY before that). Are they just pretty pictures you can only see from the clouds? Or were they made by aliens?!  

    lirik lagu hijau daun hotel palma mallorca 6. Atlantis

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    The lost city of Atlantis has captured people’s imaginations for years (and been turned into a cute Disney movie!). Originally thought to be a myth, ancient writings from the 4th century BC (!) reference the lost city and how very real it once was.
    The Greek philosopher Plato heard about the city that got swallowed by the sea and said: “Through violent earthquakes and floods, in a single day and night of misfortune … [the whole race] … was swallowed up by the Earth and the island of Atlantis … disappeared into the depths of the sea.”

    Since it was a pretty huge place and it can’t just disappear without a trace, divers and archaeologists have been searching for the sunken city and found some possible places it might have once been, but we’ll probably never know where it went!

    Which mystery do you think is craziest? Let us know in the comments!
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